Who do people say the best agent in Mesa AZ is?


 Anyone searching for the best insurance agent in Mesa AZ or anywhere in Arizona, look no further. Actually I am not the one claiming to be the best agent, although I certainly strive to be; it is our clients that say we are the best.  I think we get that kind of testimonial because we always strive to do what is right for the client.  Among my goals are:

               * to be available 24/7 for my clients

               *to give the client the best rate for the best coverage I can find

               *to make sure I am explaining insurance in a way that makes sense to them

               *to treat them with respect and courtesy

All to often I get a call from an unhappy customer of another agent who says something like this.  "I need a new agent because I can never get a hold of my agent."  I am always astonished when I hear this remark.  I guess there is something in me that would just not feel responsible if my clients could not reach me by phone.  That is why I provide my cell number on my business card. 

When clients ask me why I am always available and their old agent wasn't I tell them the truth.  I don't play golf.

Let us take care of all your insurance needs, whether it be home, auto, life, health, disability or business insurance; we can provide the best coverage for the best price.