Which insurance company is the best?

I wish more people would ask this question when searching out the carrier they want to provide insurance for them.  Sometimes people see insurance as a commodity, meaning that all carriers and policies are created equally.  That is simply not true.  I will say this, for every good carrier out there, there is a bad one.  Its hard to go online and do a Google search and find an answer to this question because the responses will be so vastly and so different that you won't get a good gauge on it.  That is where a good broker like Insurance Professionals of Arizona comes in.  We know how well carriers pay their claims and treat their customers well.  We will recommend the carriers that we believe will offer you the best price but also the best claims paying service, the best coverages, the best financial rating etc.  Call 480-981-6338 for a quote or to discuss how we can help you with your car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and more.  We have agents all over the valley that will be happy to meet with you.  Check us out online.  We look forward to helping you.