Where can I find the lowest cost for car insurance in Arizona?


Where can I find the lowest rate on car insurance in Arizona?  This question is almost impossible to answer; the reason, because not all people are rated the same.   Whenever I hear someone make a comment like, "why is my neighbors insurance so much cheaper than mine," I get a kick out of it.  Trying to compare your rates to your neighbors rates is like trying to stuff a turkey through the beak.  You and your neighbor have different lives, to state the obvious.  Your credit scores are different, the drivers in the households are different, driving records might be different, coverages might be different, the value of the cars you drive might be different, deductibles might be different.  The way to find the lowest price on insurance in Arizona is by using an independent insurance agent like Kent Stewart.  Kent has the ability to shop your insurance around with dozens of insurance carriers to find the right match for you.  The right match for you might not be the right match for your neighbor.  Every carrier looks at different aspects of an insured differently.  For instance, one carrier might rely more heavily on credit when determining a rate, another might rely more heavily on driving history like tickets and claims.  Other carriers give discounts for education and profession.  There are so many factors going into determining insurance rates these days that "one size does not fit all."  The team at Insurance Professionals of Arizona know how to find the carrier that will offer you the lowest rate on car and home insurance in Arizona.  We work with most of the leading independent insurance companies in Arizona.  Give us a call at 480-981-6338 to obtain your free quote.  It doesn't cost you anything to use a broker to obtain a quote.   We look forward to helping you save money on car and home insurance in Arizona.   We are located in Mesa but service all of the great Phoenix area.