Usage Based insurance in Mesa AZ

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? you are not alone.

According to J.D. Power, car owners got hit with average increases of 35 percent -- $153 -- on their car insurance premiums last year. And that was up from an increase of $113 in 2012.

As prices go skyhigh, more vehicle owners are looking for options to control their bill. According to NerdWallet, a consumer financial website, one of the best options you can look at this year is usage-based, or "pay-as-you-go" car insurance.

The Facts on Usage-Based Insurance in Mesa, AZ

Usage-based insurance in Mesa, AZ is a recent innovation. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners describes it as a perfect way to align the premiums that vehicle owners pay with the amount and way that they drive, "making premium pricing more individualized and precise."

Basically the less you drive, the less the odds are that your car will be damaged while driving -- and thus the less you should pay to insure ylour vehicle in Mesa, AZ against the risk of damage. Similarly, the better you drive -- e.g., by driving "gently," obeying the speed limit, and neither accelerating nor braking too hard -- the less you should be charged.

The question is how to prove to an insurance company that you drive little enough, and well enough, to deserve a discount. And the answer to this question is telematics.

Telematics refers to new technology that permit an insurance company to monitor how a driver drives. It basically boils down to you, the driver, permitting your insurer to install a GPS monitoring device in your car that records how the vehicle is driven over a period of time.

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