Starting a career as an insurance agent in Arizona.

If you are thinking about becoming an independent insurance agent in Arizona there are a few things you need to really consider.  First are the carriers you want to represent.  Those carriers will have production requirements they want you to meet.  The more carriers you have, the more production you will need.  It might be challenging for you to meet the requirements of several carriers at once.  Second is compensation.  What are those carriers willing to pay you to place business with them.  Third, your expenses.  What expenses will you have setting up an agency and going into business for yourself.    There are many other things to consider but these 3 issues are all dealt with fairly easily when you join Insurance Professionals of Arizona.  IPA can provide you with more than enough markets for you to be competitive for your clients.  We have dozens of carriers and because we have already met their production requirements, you don't have to worry about that.  Further, because of the volume of premium IPA has with these carriers, we get better commissions, which means you get better commissions.  Third, we help keep your expenses low by sharing those expenses.  For instance, your Erros and Ommissions insurance, your rating software, your management system will all be greatly reduced when you join Insurance Professionals of Arizona.  Call us today at 480-981-6338 for more information on becoming an independent insurance agent.  No need to work for somebody else.  Build your own business.