Something auto insurance companies don't want you to know about

You want to get a lower rate on your auto insurance right?  What the captive insurance companies don't want you to know about are the independent agents that can and do most often find a better price on your car insurance and many times get better coverage as well. You see, an independent broker is not beholden to any one company; he or she can shop the insurance market for you and find you the carrier that is going to offer you the lowest rate.  Its kind of a "bidding war" between the insurance company and "may the best man win."  Of course, you are the real winner because you get lower rates on your auto insruance.  Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona today at 480-981-6338.  Whether you live in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Phoenix or anywhere else in Arizona, we can help you start saving money.  Plus, our agents are amongst the most well trained in the industry so we will make sure you are well insured and properly insured for less than the other guy.