Should I increase my auto insurance deductibles to save money on my auto insurance, in Mesa Arizona


 Are you contemplating increasing or your comprehensive and collision auto insurance deductibles to get a better premium, or just dropping comp and collision coverage altogether to save.  Did you know there is actually a formula for determining whether or not you should do just that.  We will share that formula with you later.  We actually have a better way of saving you money on your auto insurance premium by calling Insurance Professionals of Arizona at 480-981-6338.  Without cutting coverage, we will shop your auto and home insurance and find the carrier willing to offer you the lowest price.  It's almost like we start a bidding war and get carriers who want to compete for your business with lower premiums.  Go online for FREE QUOTE NOW.

So, is there a time when it might make sense to lower that premium by dropping your comp and collision coverage?  Here is the answer.  If the amount you will save in premium by dropping comp and collision coverage is 10% or more of the amount you would get if your car were totaled in an accident, that is the time you could consider it.

For example, if your car were totaled in an accident and the insurance company was to give you $10,000 for it, (generally a Kelly Blue Book value would suffice for this), you would need to save $1000 or more per year before it would make financial sense for you to consider dropping coverage for comp and collision on your policy.  If the amount you would save is under $1,000 in this scenario, then it would not statistically make sense for you to do so.

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