Should I add my jewelry to my Arizona home insurance policy?


Why you should check your insurance policies jewelry coverage section.  People often neglect to check the internal limits on certain items in their insurance policy; hey I understand.  After all, it really doesn't matter right...well, not until there is a claim and the coverage isn't there.  One thing people really need to consider is jewelry.  Many policies only cover up to $1500 total for theft of jewelry.  While this might have been enough 5 years ago, with the price of gold appreciating to record levels, $1500 may not be enough to replace your wedding ring or some other fine piece of jewelry you have.  So I'm recommending you do a few things.  First, find out what the internal limits for jewelry is in your policy.  If you want me to help you, bring your policy in and I will review it with you.  Second, consider having your jewelry appraised so that you know exactly what the value is in today's market.  It might surprise you that your insurance policy isn't enough to cover your jewelry.

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