Saving money on car insurance without cutting coverage. The questions you might have while shopping for an auto insurance policy.


Are you thinking about switching insurance policies on your auto insurance and you are wondering what questions you should ask yourself before doing so.  What coverage's you should consider.  How you can save money?  What are the tricks and tips of getting the right price and best possible coverage for your premium dollar.  Hopefully I can share a few thoughts that will help you.


First off is, Who to buy from.  By Who I mean, the agent and the carrier.  Remember, despite the fact that insurance can seem like a commodity, or that all insurance policies are the same, that is not so.  You are going to want a reputable agent with a lot of experience in the business and an agent that has the knowledge necessary to protect you.  This might be an agent who has been through the school of hard knocks because he made a mistake or two and has learned from those mistakes and how to protect clients going forward.  Also, you want a company that is not fly by night.

Next, is your credit.  Almost all insurance companies are using credit as part of the rating process.  If you have favorable credit but your spouse does not, you need to be getting quotes from a company that does not average the credit score.  Some carriers take an average but others do not.  Keep in mind, it's not just your FICO score that matters.

Driving history is another issue to consider.  Some carriers have a "look back" period of 5 years but some only look back 3 years.  If you have a ticket older than 3 years but less than 5 years, make sure you shop with a carrier that only looks back for 3 years of driving history.

Packaging home and auto together.  You've probably heard this one but packaging your home and auto together can save you a lot of money.

Coverages: if you have worked hard in life to obtain some assets, don't be afraid to spend a few dollars extra to get better coverage.  You will be surprised how much more coverage you can get for just a few dollars per month.  There is no other way to protect yourself and transfer risk for so inexpensively as with insurance.  I strongly recommend minimum coverage's of 100/300/100 for liability and 250/500/250 would be even better.

The best thing you can do is call me, Kent Stewart, a Certified Insurance Counselor.  I will make sure you have the right coverage and get the best possible coverage for your premium dollar.  I will shop multiple carriers to make sure you are getting a competitive rate.  Visit our Webpage or call 480-981-6338 for a free quote and policy review.