Saving money on car insurance isn't about 15 minutes on the phone with a lizard


Listen, we all want to get a good deal on our car insurance right.  Getting the best deal isn't as easy as spending 15 minutes on the phone with one company.  Just because that 1 company offers you a better deal than what you have, doesn't mean you are getting the BEST deal.  The way to feel most confident about getting the best deal on your car insurance is by calling an independent broker like Insurance Professionals of Arizona.  With combined experience in insurance of over 100 years, the agents at  Insurance Professionals of Arizona know how and where to look to bring you the best insurance rates.  Plus, we will get you the best coverage too?  Our policies are top of the line.  If you care about protecting your home, cars, business, your life, we know how to do it right and get you that great price you want to pay.  Call us at 480-981-6338 for a free quote on home, auto, commercial, life, health, boat, umbrella or disability insurance.  We will make sure you are well protected and you wont' pay too much because we will shop multiple carriers on your behalf to find you the best offer.