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Would you like to save money on car insurance?  Who wouldn't right.  If you live in Phoenix AZ 85011 or surrounding areas, you might be paying to much for car insurance.  How can you find out, simply call 480-981-6338 for a free quote from over a dozen carriers.  Insurance Professionals of Arizona is an independent insurance agency and we can quote you over a dozen insurance companies at once.  For the Do-It_Yourself kind of person, you can get quotes online using our Online Rating Tool.  Of course we would love to help you with your quote to make sure all the discounts you qualify for are applied.  We aren't just here to sell you a policy; we will help service your insurance needs after the policy is sold.  Anytime you have a question about your insurance, you can call us and we will help you.  Forget calling some 800 number that you might be placed on hold or talk to someone different everytime.  At IPA, you are a person, not a policy.  We look foward to assisting you.