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I know, you are paying to much for car insurance and you need a better rate.....that's where we come in.  If you live in Phoenix AZ 85006 or surrounding areas, Insurance Professionals of Arizona can help you save on car insurance.  That's because IPA is an independent agency which allows us to offer you bids from multiple insurance carriers.  We will find the carrier that is going to offer you the most coverage for the least amount.  We have been saving people money on car insurance for years.  We take the hassle out of trying to find affordable car insurance.  We have years and years of experience. We know how to get you the best discounts that will help you save even more.  Our agents would love to assist you by phone but we know some people like to do things on their own, and we respect that; if you prefer, you can use our online rating tool to do a quote yourself.  Call use anytime for assistance.

*Kent Stewart is the principal agent of IPA and is a Certified Insurance Counselor.  As such, he is uniquely qualified to discuss your insurance needs.  If you would like a free policy review on your home or auto insurance please give us a call.  If you live in Phoenix AZ 85006 or surrounding areas, we can help.