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Want a better price on car insurance in Phoenix AZ 85004 call 480-981-6338 for a free quote from over a dozen insurance carriers.  We will find the carrier that will offer you the lowest price to insure your car.  Insurance Professionals of Arizona has a long history of saving people money on car insurance.  If you live in Phoenix AZ 85005 or surrounding areas, we can really help you save big.  You can also use our online rating tool and get quotes in just minutes.  You see unlike some insurance agents who can only offer you the price of 1 company, IPA can offer you quotes from over 12 insurance companies at the same time.  We get bids from all these carriers who are competing to earn your business.  Watch this video.

*Kent Stewart, principal agent at IPA, is a Certified Insurance Counselor and is uniquely qualified to review your insurance for coverage gaps; if you would like a free review of your car or home insurance please give us a call at 480-981-6338.  We would love to help you save money and get better coverage.