Mesa, AZ 85213, What's the benefit of using an independent insurance agent?

What's the benefit in using an independent agent in Mesa, AZ 85213, if I can just call the insurance company directly?  That is a good question.  The reason for using an independent insurance agent versus calling the insurance companies yourself is most likely when you call an insurance company and speak with someone, this is not going to be the same person you speak to the next time you call.  Also, most of the insurance companies are based all around the United States which means most likely that you're going to be calling and speaking with someone who lives in another state.  Most captive agents, agents who work for one insurance company, are handling multiple claims and clients and do not have the time to offer you the personalized service that you deserve.

The benefit of using an independent insurance agent is that we work with multiple insurance carriers in order to offer you the best coverage at the most affordable rates.  We are able to offer you the personalized service that you deserve as a client.  You are not just a number in our book.  The best part is that we are local in Mesa, AZ 85213, so if you need to speak with us or had an accident of some sort, whether it be regarding your home or auto, we are able to come out and make sure you are well taken care of.  We do not work for any specific insurance company which allows us to represent you, the insured, as our client rather than the insurer, the insurance company.  We are here for you.  Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied.  We love what we do and take pride in helping our clients by either saving them hundreds on their insurance rates or walking them through their claim.  

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