Mesa, AZ 85213, How can I lower my auto insurance rates for my teenager?

Your child is turning the sweet 16!  Possibly one of the happiest days they will experience in their lives.  Why?  It's time to get their license.  A lot of insurance companies will raise their rates for teenage drivers simply because they are more at risk of getting in an accident than a mature driver.  Does this mean you have to stress out about having to spend an arm and a leg just to insure your teenage driver?  Not at all.  Here are some tips on how you can lower your auto insurance rates for your teenager in Mesa, AZ 85213.

First, like any auto insurance policy, the higher your comprehensive and collision deductibles are, the lower your premium will be.  The deductible is just to prevent you from filing small claims that could in turn affect you from receiving a future claims-free discount.

Buy your teenager a safe car.  Auto insurance rates are affected by many different factors, one of which is the type of vehicle that is being insured.  Try to stick with a 4 door sedan versus a 2 door coupe.  The coupes are classified as a sports vehicle which tend to raise your rates because sports vehicles are more at risk of being in an accident.  Also, with gas prices at $3.50/gal in Mesa, AZ 85213, to help your teen to save on gas, a sedan would be more economical versus an SUV or a van.

One thing that insurance companies love to look to help lower auto insurance rates for teenagers in Mesa, AZ 85213, is grades.  As a parent, I'm sure you're constantly encouraging your teen to strive and get good grades.  Well, this can payoff for you or be used as an incentive for your teen to want to start achieving those A's and B's because many insurance companies offer good student discounts which often times will knock a good percentage off your auto insurance rates.  

Many schools now offer driver education programs that students can take which allow them to work with simulations to get a better understanding of what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a car.  They are also given many different situations/scenarios that they might encounter on the road and how to avoid getting in an accident.  Insurance companies look highly upon teenagers taking these courses and offer discounts for students who have taken this program as well.

Another thing that may be helpful is if your teen moves away for college which is 100 miles or more away and they do not take a vehicle with them, most companies will give you a bigger discount which will still provide your child coverage when they come home to visit.

These are some of the ways many parents have been able to significantly lower their auto insurance rates for their teenagers in Mesa, AZ 85213.  Be sure to take advantage of as many of these tips so that you're not taking out a second mortgage on your house just in insure your teenage driver.

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