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Want to save money on car insurance in Phoenix AZ 85033 just call 480-981-6338 for free quotes from Insurance Professionals of Arizona.  IPA is a full service insurance brokerage with access to dozens of insurance companies.  We procure bids from all our carriers for your car and home insurance and let you pick whiich carrier is best for you.  Of course that usually means great low rates for your insurance because we shop the market for you.  Watch what this client had to say in this short video.  We also have an online rating system you can use to get quotes online from all our carriers.  We prefer you call so that we can assist you with the quote and make sure you get all the discounts you qualify for.  Car insurance rates have dropped in Phoenix AZ 85033 and we can help you obtain a better rate.  Did you know there are hundreds of car insurance companies in Arizona.  You only hear about the 5 that advertise on TV all the time but there are literally hundreds of home and auto insurance carriers that are A+ rated and have amazingly low rates for your car and home insurance.  Now is the time to have IPA shop your car insurance for you.  Don't delay Phoenix AZ 85033.