Low-Cost Home Security Tips



It's not uncommon, when you set out on that holiday trip, to look back at the house a little apprehensively. Sure, you recalled to lock the doors, but just how secure are things? What might happen while you're absent?


One way to get some peace of mind is to devote in one of the numerous high-tech security systems currently available. Not in the budget this year? Not to worry.


There are plenty of less costly strides you can take to help avoid robberies. Here are a few that law enforcement officers and other experts recommend. They’ll help keep your home safe while you’re wandering for the holidays and come in handy all year round.


Be Smart About Getting Ready


Don't be too noticeable with the luggage. Load the car inside the garage, if possible. If not, at least load up quickly and resourcefully.


Hide your valuables, but not in an apparent place. (Hint: The sock drawer is very obvious.) Instead, use a small fire-proof safe that’s securely attached to the floor, the wall or something else that can’t be carried out of the house.


Be sure to let your neighbors know you'll be gone, and for how long. Or, hire a house sitter.

Make It Look Like You’re Still Home


Put household lights, and even television sets, on timers, and put your mail and newspapers on hold, or ask the neighbors to pick them up.


Rather than closing all the window shades and blinds, keep them in their normal positions—closed if they're usually closed, open if they're normally open. Just be sure nothing valuable is visible through your windows.


Ask your neighbors to make tracks in the snow around your house once in a while. Hire someone to shovel the walks. Live in a warm climate? Have someone mow your grass while you’re gone.


If you have a second car, leave it parked in the driveway.

Don’t Be an Easy Target for Burglars


Don't broadcast your absence with social media posts. Save the stories about what a great time you had until you get back home.


If someone else lived in your home before you, consider changing the locks. While you're at it, replace the short screws that usually come with lock hardware with longer ones that will extend past the door jambs into the frame of the house. And, if you have a sliding glass door, place a wooden dowel in the track frame.


Reject prowlers and burglars places to hide by keeping shrubs and trees around the house trimmed back.


Don't leave tools and ladders outside where criminals could "borrow" them to gain access.


Take your name off the mailbox. Burglars can use it to look up your telephone number, and then call to see if anyone's home.

Finally, just because you don't have an luxurious alarm system or security service doesn't mean you can't fake it. Invest in some inexpensive decals and signage (readily available on the Internet), or even some fake security cameras, and display them prominently. Another option is some kind of "Beware of Dog" sign, even if you don’t have a dog.


With a little thought, a little effort and not a lot of money, you can have better security back home even as you’re off enjoying the holidays. Have fun, and be safe!