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Choosing Between Captive and Independent Insurance Agents

Many people will speak with an agent or broker for car insurance needs.  This can be very helpful as insurance agents can help you find the way through the complicated verbiage of the insurance world and in doing so get you the best deal.

But it is important to know that there are different kinds of insurance agents and brokers.  Which one you chose can make a rather large difference in the quality of service you get and the options you are offered?

Let’s discuss the difference…

First we have Captive Agents. They represent ONE insurance company. Because of this, they offer only the products that that company provides.  This means that their services and coverage are rather limited.

Next, we have Independent Agents and Brokers. These agents offer products from several diverse companies. They can review multiple carriers to find the right product, coverage and low premium just for you. 

As they represent several different insurance carriers, independent agents can shop around and find you the best possible deal. Shopping various companies on your own can be very time consuming. So rather than spending days assembling quotes from all different insurance carriers, you can make one call to your independent agent or broker and call it done!

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