Little known facts about saving money on car insurance for Arizona drivers


If you are online shopping around for car or home insurance, chances are you want to save money.  Some facts about saving money on car insurance.


Fact 1.  A great broker can make all the difference in the world.  If you are just calling around to different insurance agents getting quotes, that's a good start but working closely with a great broker like Kent Stewart can make all the difference.  Kent is a Certified Insurance Counselor.  He has access to dozens of insurance carriers and can find you the carrier that will work best with your individual situation. 

Fact 2.  Credit plays a huge role in most carriers pricing model.  Sure, accidents, tickets and even your zip code play a rold in what you pay for car insurance premium, but credit is a huge factor.  Almost all carriers now use credit to rate for insurance.  Make sure your credit is as favorable as you can get it before shopping for insurance. 

Fact 3.  The car you drive could cost you.  Driving a large SUV that could cause a lot of damage in an accident?  The insurance company will rate for that in the liability section of your policy.  Even the size of the cars engine can be a factor in your car insurance rate. 

Fact 4.  It doens't matter what your neighbor is paying for insurance, you are not your neighbor.  Now I'm not saying it isn't a good idea to check with your neighbor about wha they are paying for insurance but just to ask a general question like that doesn't really tell you much.  Maybe your neighbor only has liability on his car, or maybe your neighbor drives a less expensive car than you.  If you want to compare prices to find out who is the best carrier, remember fact #1.

If you want help finding the carrier that will offer you the best coverage for the best price on car insurance call Insurance Professionals of Arizona LLC at 480-981-6338 or visit us online and do a live chat with one of our licensed agents.  We will help you save.