Is my custom audio/video equipment covered under my Arizona auto insurance?


So you have just installed your dream audio / video system into your car; it cost a small fortune too.  You come outside one morning to get to work only to find that the window is smashed in and everything has been ripped out.  The stereo system, the TV screens, the speakers, all gone.  You're glad you have auto insurance to cover it.  Later that day you call and make a claim; you are told that your auto policy has limited coverage for electronic equipment that is not installed by the manufacturer of $1000.  This doesn't even come close to covering the actually $6000 loss you spent on the equipment.  That's right, auto policies have limited coverage for electronic equipment that is not installed in the location designated by the auto manufacturer.  If you have expensive "after-market" electronic equipment in your car, you better make sure it is endorsed onto your auto policy for a specified amount, otherwise you could be out big time if you have a theft or other loss.

The same is true for other custom additions, such as custom wheels, lift kits etc.  These things must be endorsed and added to your policy to be covered.

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*The scenario above is general in nature.  Auto policies are written differently and you should read your auto policy to see what is covered and what is excluded.  This article is written as a general reference for auto insurance in Arizona.