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You want a great price on your home insurance right.  Of course you do.  But what you really want is a great price and great coverage because you don't want to be left holding the bag in the event of a claim that isn't covered.  Ask yourself a couple extremely important questions.  First, do you know what the difference between named peril and open peril on contents is?  If you don't know what, you should know it.  Secondly, do you know if you home owners policy offers you extended replacement cost or guaranteed replacement cost.  Do you know what the internal limits in your home policy are for computers, guns, jewelry, furs, arts, collectables and other valuable items are.   Some home policy are as low as $500 for any 1 item of jewelry.  How far would that go if your home was robbed and some of your nice jewelry was stolen?  And believe me, it CAN happen to you.  I have been robbed twice and I live in a pretty nice neighborhood.

Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona to review your home policy coverages at 480-981-6338.  Kent Stewart is a Certified Insurance Counselor and he will help you identify areas of concern in your policy and what you might want to change.  Plus, with dozens of insurance companies to choose from, Kent can not only get your great coverage but a great low premium as well.


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