Home Insurance in Mesa AZ

If you are looking for great coverage at an affordable price Insurance Professionals of Arizona has amazing rates on homes in Mesa AZ. Not only in Mesa but Gilbert, Chandler and the rest of Arizona as well. We offer free policy reviews and free quotes.  You are able to choose your rate from multiple insurance carriers.One thing we stress is understanding your coverage's and we are happy to take the time to review them with you.  Perhaps one of the biggest factors in your home insurance policy is Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value. If your policy has actual cash value or ACV, and you have a claim; the insurance carrier will subtract out depreciation and pay you a reduced amount.  In contrast, replacement cost, or RC will pay you the full cost to replace or repair your damaged property.Consider this scenario:  Your home is 15 years old and has not had any updates since it was constructed.  A hail storm comes along and damages the entire roof.  The roofing contractor gives you a bid to replace the roof of $10,000.  The insurance company will take that $10,000 and calculate what 15 years of depreciation would be on that roof, let's say $5,000 since most roofs have a 30 year life span.  Therefore, your settlement would be $5,000 (minus any deductible) leaving you to foot the bill for the other $5,000.  The RC policy however would have paid you the full $10,000 (minus any deductible.)You can see what a huge difference a little wording in your policy can make.  Don't deal with someone who just got their license because they needed some extra cash and wanted to sell a few insurance policies.  Deal with a true professional who knows the ins and outs of insurance.  Insurance Professionals of Arizona can help you.  Call us at 480-981-6338 or visit us online at www.insurnaceproaz.com