Filing A Car Insurance Claim in Mesa, AZ


Better Clean up Your Social Networks Before Filing a Car Insurance Claim!Insurance attorneys are telling us that what you expose on you Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, etc. can and will be used against you in a court of law.  When it comes to car accidents and social media, one should NEVER mix the two by socially broadcasting the details at the accident scene.Frank Darras, an insurance attorney in California, told in an interview, "Checking social media accounts has become one of the first things an insurance company or adjuster will do when you file a claim."  They want to find any information that could potentially build a case for them to lower payouts or even deny claims as the truth tends to find its way to the surface on the social media scene. Outright fraud has been found by some claims adjustors based on Facebook or Twitter posts that disagree with details provided on claims reports. For example, one person filed hit-and-run claim, but then posted conflicting details and pictures on Facebook which admitted fault.

Much of this content might not definitively provide proof of fraud.  However, it can still be used in court if a legal battle arises, particularly in cases involving personal injury.

It is important to always remember to manage your public profiles carefully.  With employers increasing their analysis of social networks, the public movement has drifted toward more careful social settings.  But now that insurance claims adjustors are making it standard operating procedure to search for reasons to deny claims, we all have many reasons to be cautious with what we share.

When filing a claim, be honest, be smart and if you have questions or concerns, call Insurance Professionals of Arizona today at (480)981-6338.