Discount Insurance in Mesa, AZ



You might be eligible for more discounts on your home insurance.  There are many things that are simply overlooked by many individuals when purchasing insurance for their home. Here are the top 6 discounts to have applied when purchasing homeowner's insurance. 

1. Home RenovationsIf you have recently replaced the roof on your home, a substantial discount could be applied toward your home insurance.2. Bundling Homeowner / Renter / Auto PoliciesIf you are going to have multiple lines of insurance anyway, why not bundle them.  You could potentially save yourself money on both lines.  For example, 15% on your vehicle and 10% on your home.3. New Home ConstructionWith most carriers, there is a surcharge for homes built over 30 ago.  Different issues arise as a home gets older, thus the insurance increases.  However if you are in the market and buy a new/newer home here in Mesa, AZ, you could be saving on your premium.

4. Pay in FullPaying in full can save you 5%.  Additionally, it saves you the installment charges you would be paying each month if you were on a monthly pay plan.  It all adds up during the year and can save you quite a bit.5. Security Systems for Home or AutoSecurity systems can dramatically reduce the cost of auto and/or home insurance when installed, so be sure to mention it when purchasing insurance.6. Claim Free HistoryInsurance carriers offer a great discount if you have not had claims in the past 3-5 years.  It pays to have a good claim history.

There are so many discounts that can be applied to your insurance. Let Insurance Professionals of Arizona be your guide to locate the best provider for you, your family and your home!  Give us a call today for a free quote with over 20 insurance carriers! (480) 981-6338