Cluster Group for insurance in Mesa Arizona; Join now.


Are you looking to get into the insurance business; or perhaps are you looking to expand the carriers you are able to write business with.  Maybe you are a captive agent and want to get into the indepedent insurance world.  Insurance Professionals of Arizona was created with the idea that the "many are stronger than the one."  Together we thrive in a very competitive marketplace.  Carriers are clamping down and demanding more and more from their agents.  By joining our cluster group, you maintain the independency you love but get the strengths of a large brokerage.  Some of the benefits you will experience are, no production requirements, paid for E & O insurance, awesome commissions structure, access to the best carriers in the industry, the leverage of all of our agents pooling their premiums together, ownership of your own book of business.  For more information call 480-981-6338 and ask to speak to Kent or visit our webpage "Become and Agent."