Car Insurance Questions in Mesa, AZ


Myth #1 - New Cars Cost More to InsureThis is logical, but not always the case. A new vehicle often turns out less expensive than its older counterpart. New models have better security and are typically operated by more experienced drivers, thus driving the up insurance costs.

Myth #2 – Say NO to RED CarsInsurers factor in many things, but the color of a car is not one of them. They do not even ask about it.

Myth #3 – Insurers Give Cheaper Coverage for LoyaltyInsurers have rate increases across the board at different times. Insurance Professionals of Arizona can shop different carriers for you and make sure you’re getting the best coverage.

Myth #4 – I Have Never Had an Accident So I Do Not Need InsuranceEven lucky drivers need insurance!  In fact, it is a legal requirement to have at least 15/30 liability coverage in Mesa, AZ.

Myth #5 – My Car is Worth Just What I Paid for ItIf you have a total loss of your vehicle because of theft or total accident in Mesa, AZ, the insurer pays only to replace it with a similar model at current market value.  This is not the same amount that you originally paid for it.

Myth #6 - Speeding Tickets Severely Raise PremiumsWhile traffic violations and increased points on a license are ways to increase the cost of your insurance, a first time minor speeding offense general does not make a severe difference.  A 2nd or 3rd ticket or a major traffic offense, though, like 20mph over the limit, WILL increase rates because you will be classified as a “high risk” driver.

Myth #7 - Credit Scores Don’t MatterThis is not the case, good or bad. Insurers now consider credit scores when running a quote.  Higher scores mean lower premiums.

Myth #8 - No Fault Insurance Means I Am Not At FaultNo fault insurance pays YOUR medical bills if you are in an accident.  It doesn’t absolve responsibility, is just pays YOUR medical payments regardless of who was at fault.

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