Affordable Car Insurance for Students in Arizona


It’s no secret that auto insurance for young drivers costs more than it does for an experienced driver, but here are some tips to help you get the best rate possible.

Keep your grades up: Most insurance companies offer discounts for good grades, so here is another reason to apply yourself and make good grades in school—or insist that your children do.  You can typically expect to receive a 10% discount for a good GPA.

Anti-theft device:  Your insurance rate is based on your location, but the demographic of being at school amongst young people increases the likelihood of theft and vandalism.  It is worth the investment to install an anti-theft device and give thieves a reason to skip your vehicle and move on to an easier target.  This can also qualify you for another discount on your insurance.

Safe Driving:  Tickets and accidents will automatically increase your insurance premium.  Drive safe and it will save you in the long run.  Remember, texting can wait until you reach your destination!

Family Policy:  Even while away at college, that’s considered a temporary residence and you can keep your children on your policy until they turn 25.  They are likely getting a multi-policy discount, so why not benefit from that as long as possible! 

Defensive Driving Course:  Many insurance companies offer discounts for completing a defensive driving course. 

While 10% may not sound like much, these discounts can add up to a HUGE savings on auto insurance premiums for teens!  Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona in Mesa and let us do the work for you.  We shop multiple carriers to find the most affordable car insurance for your unique situation (480) 981-6338.